17 October 2012

Set the Scene for Halloween

The most sensible goals for decorating (or most anything) include ideas that are cheap, good looking, fast and easy - go ahead, insert your best Groucho Marx finish to that statement.

The most reliable way to achieve that is to shop for your holiday decor at stores you love the day after the holiday, keeping an eye out for big impact items that don't require much fuss. Add a few handmade pieces to make it personal and you're done!

These fun and friendly Jack O' Lantern shades make a big impact and you could really call the job done right now just by hanging these prominently in your home. You can find what appears to be a similar version at Amazon for $8.99 for the set of three! 

Why not display your Halloween/Fall magazines for a practical seasonal touch? Recycle past issues of your favorite magazines - saving only articles that interest you - but keep all your back issue seasonal magazines intact. They give endless inspiration that really never goes out of style (in fact, the ideas seem to improve with age). Store them along with your other holiday decorations so they're out of sight but easy to find when the time comes to review and display them. 

The iron magazine rack was found at Marshall's about six years ago for $15! You just never know when you'll strike gold at that place.

The "Boo" Banner  was made with newspaper cut with a pinking shears, then folded over a twine string and stitched. You could certainly glue the pennants to the twine which would be even easier. The B-O-O letters were printed using Blackmoor Let font with a 600 font size, then cut out and glued on!

Rather than feel guilty for not keeping up with the raking, call it a planned decorating feature in your yard. The neglected look truly enhances this haunted cemetery. (It's nice to give the mailman something to look at every now and then.) All that's left to do now is hope that a mighty wind comes on November 1, cleaning the whole area up at the most opportune time.  

Gotta start thinking about the treats.

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