31 October 2012

Versatile Storage & Display

How often have you gathered up a collection of items in your home and thought, "What can I put this stuff in?" I've uttered this question to myself on two occasions in just this week alone! The challenge to solving this dilemma is in finding a container that looks good enough to be left out to display in a place where the items are used and is strong enough to be moved around as needed. So let's build an attractive, sturdy and versatile box...more specifically, this 30"L x 7"W x 5.5"H box:

To start, gather up your supplies:

Materials List
3 - 4' Pine Fence Boards
12" Length of Rope
8 Wood Screws
Titebond III Wood Glue
Vinegar / Steel Wool Solution (for stain)

Measure fence for cutting

Mark the cutting lines on boards.

Cut the boards. 

Glue adjacent edges of boards.

 Tack or clamp boards together to hold while glue dries. 
Use a spray bottle to apply the vinegar/steel wool solution and let dry. 
The solution will darken the wood as it dries. Cut the rope to the desired length. 
A hot razor blade was used here to cut and seal the ends in one swoop. 
Secure the rope to the end of box by screwing the ring clamps to box.

Fill your rustic-looking box and display in a convenient spot for easy access! 
For now, I'll use this one as a handy and attractive way for the little one 
to choose her own books to read. 

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