About Us: HouSensible!

hous n. a building to live in; spec., a building occupied by one family or person. The people who live in a house; household.

sen’si.ble adj.that can cause physical sensation; easily perceived; aware; having or showing good sense; wise.*

*From Webster’s New World Dictionary

Mother and son duo, Andrew Johnson and Barbara Johnson, have worked together in residential construction, property management and real estate since 1998. They each seem to have inherited the family trait for creative thinking and the family sense for knowing a good idea when they see and hear one.

Together, we’ll share all the best sensible, exciting, inspiring, easy to follow, wise and practical ideas for home and household to be found - whether it’s vintage or modern - or, better yet, a little bit of both. Visit often and explore the sensible tips, projects and ideas. Please share your comments and input, we love hearing from you – and feel free to share our content!

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 
Andrew’s work experience has provided him with a solid background in all aspects of residential construction and property management including project management, budgeting, purchasing, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, electrical, and scheduling. All this has helped fuel his true passion for rehabbing, remodeling and woodworking – tearing out or taking apart and making new.

Barbara Johnson 
Barbara’s background is in people, design and words with one eye on the past hoping to extract the best wisdom from those who’ve gone before. Whether working with clients and customers in the sale or purchase of a home, making design specifications in the completion of a new home or researching historic records for a book or family history record, her actions are influenced by practical, beautiful and meaningful principles.

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